Monday, September 14, 2015

Thwack and Heroes & Villains

Family Games America FGA Inc. knows what it takes to make great games and puzzles.

There is nothing more satisfying than to play a game that takes brains and strategy to win and a puzzle that challenges your imagination and intuition.

Heroes & Villains Trivia Game is one of five games available through FGA's A Matter Of Fact trivia set of games.

A single small deck of red face cards challenges gamers to solve what comic book villain or heroe is referred to on the white side of the cards.

How difficult are the answers?  Here's a clue: I've been a comic book collector for over 50 years and I still had difficulty answering all of the questions.

The single deck is packaged in a small steel box with instructions on the back for a single player.

Eight puzzles make up FGA's Kapowie Puzzles.

The Thwack puzzle dares puzzle players to release a prized metal ring from its metal entrapment.  Sound easy?  Don't bet on it! 

The solution is included but challenge yourself and try to figure it out.  Talk about a brain teaser!
Thwack is packaged in a metal box with a single clear plastic window at the bottom of the box. 

Both puzzle and game are real challenges, cleverly packaged and make for great fun for your brain.

It's time to put away your video game and mediocre puzzles and take it up a notch with Family Games America FGA Inc.