Saturday, October 31, 2015

Dimension X

Straight from the 4th Season of the successful TMNT animated series from Nickelodeon comes a brand new set of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle figures measuring from 4.25 inches to 5.5 inches, tall perfect for kids to play with from Playmates Toys.

Join the Turtles as they battle the evil Lord Dregg and his dominions in Dimension X.
But in order to do battle properly the Turtles must be outfitted with some new high-tech gear that puts the dread in Dregg.

The Raphael, Michelangelo, Leonardo and Donatello figures are all decked out in high-tech suits that match their distinctive uniform colors.  Each suit features a clear helmet, massive chest and should armor with dials and buttons, equipment laden wrist gauntlets, utility belt, hand guards, torso and upper legs guards, knee pads and space boots.

All of the equipment is removable.

Weapons are their traditional choices but with a twist-they're translucent!  All have flip open visors, translators, oxygen converter, pulse boots and more.

Leonardo Space Captain has katanas, Raphael Space Battler has his sai, Donatello Space Scientist his bo staff and Michelangelo Space Traveler his nunchuks.

Each figure is articulated, a perfect match for its animated namesake, sculpted and colored to perfection, rugged and ready for action straight out its bubble pack.

Additional figures are also available.

Look for robotic pure white Fugitoid.

This lovable Cyborg Human Turtle Ally is flexible, articulated and sports black eye goggles, large forearms and lower legs, a sleek torso and a cool mechanical attitude.

The leader of the Triceraton Army, Mozar, is all muscle and scales.  An evolved triceratops, Mozar is a real heavy hitter in his deep blue and tan armor.  He sports gauntlets, knee boots, a high-tech shoulder weapon device and a massive horned head anyone and everyone should take notice of.

He's a mean, lean dino-machine!

A Lord Dregg figure is also available.  He and Mozar are Walmart exclusives.