Monday, October 5, 2015

Green Lantern #172

Back in the early 1980s DC Comics decided to shake things up a bit and canvas for new writing and artistic talent outside of the United States.  This was lauded by some and loathed by others, nevertheless, DC proceeded.

Some of its earliest foreign talent was from England which included writer Alan Moore and Grant Morrison, among others, and artists Brian Bolland, Alan Davis and Dave Gibbons who would later go on to pencil Alan Moore’s ground-breaking series; Watchmen).

Gibbons had garnered himself a solid reputation as a competent and reliable artist in England.  Drafted by DC Comics Gibbons would do a few single issues of various titles to prove himself with his first full series assignment was on Green Lantern. 

At the time Green Lantern was a second tier title at DC Comics and although it had a loyal following its print numbers were not impressive. 

Writer Len Wein was an excellent storyteller but for some reason Green Lantern did not jell with many of DC Comics’ readers.

Dave Gibbons was placed on the title in the hopes that its readership would increases and after a few issues it did in no small part due to Dave Gibbons artwork.

Although not as polished or detailed as his later work, Gibbons had a talent for creating interesting page layouts, character designs and well-designed environments and accouterments.

In his first issues (#172) Gibbons and Wein bring Green Lantern back to Earth, reestablished him back among friends and rekindled his love affair with Carol Ferris.

A short Green Lantern Corps tale was also drawn by Gibbons.

I encourage those who read Green Lantern to pick up the early Dave Gibbons issues to see how the popularity of Green Lantern was given a boost in the right direction thus making it one of DC Comics more popular titles today.