Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Henry Franks

Henry remembers nothing before the accident that killed his mother and somehow miraculously let him live.

Scars criss-cross his entire body and yet somehow he survived.

He's not even sure Henry is his real name.  That's what his 'father' tells him-if he is his real father.  He doesn't trust him, especially after discovering some hidden photographs in the basement and that his father disappears some evenings.

Henry suffers from anxiety, headaches and disturbing dreams that don't click with what he's being told about his pre-amnesia life.

Where does his father spend his evenings? What is he hiding?  What did he mean when he said, "I've done everything for you and your mother."

Henry and his father live in a dark and rundown house.  Most evenings they eat hamburgers for supper.  Henry takes his pills, goes to school and stays to himself.  After the accident whenever he cuts or injures himself he feels nothing.

When his neighbor and classmate: Justine, tries to get him to open up and be her friend at first he resists.  When she presses him about his past he reluctantly begins to share with her some of his discovers and dreams.

Little does he realize he has drawn her into a mystery that threatens both their lives.
When a series of brutal murders occur close to where Henry lives even more questions are raised.  How are the murders related to Henry, his father and the 'accident' Henry survived?  What of his deceased mother?

Henry Franks by author Peter Adam Salomon and published by Flux is a real nail-biter and I love it!  It's not often I'm caught totally off-guard by a book but Henry Franks managed to do it.
This murder/mystery draws you in and grabs you daring you to turn the next page. 

 'Remember' the name: Henry Franks.