Monday, October 5, 2015

Heroes Reborn Event Series #1, Oct/Nov

With the plethora of superhero TV series on the air, both on cable and network stations, it may seem hard to believe that a few short years ago that was not the case.

To be sure there were animated series for kids but mainstream shows barely existed.
There was the WB’s Smallville about the early exploits of Clark Kent and Superman and then there was NBC’s Heroes which was a totally originally TV series with the unlikely catchphrase, “Save the cheerleader.”

The original series centered on the exploits of certain individuals who obtain super human powers after a mysterious cosmic event.  The series lasted four years and garnered a loyal following.

Heroes is back in a new series: Heroes Reborn, and it promises to be just as exciting and groundbreaking as the original series.

Titan Magazines has just released its official magazine: Heroes Reborn Event Series #1.
Inside readers get the full inside scoop on everything associated with the series, all complemented by dozens of full-color photos.

Look for an episode guide, the genesis of the series, a character guide, a lowdown on the bad guys, a shot by shot breakdown of key scenes, where it all started, a timeline, HRG’s return, super beings with no capes, (costume designs), super powers, creator profiles, writer credits, the world of Heroes, the Runaway and a look at the new comic book series from Titan Comics.

More that a fluff magazine, the Heroes Reborn publication gets into the meat and bones of the new series, with its complete analysis and thorough coverage.