Saturday, October 31, 2015


Strange things are occurring in New York City.  The sky is putting on a spectacular light show, the sun is growing dark, dogs suddenly start running in wild packs, birds fall from the sky and die and the entire electrical power and communication grid system goes black.

Widespread panic erupts, gangs and thugs prowl the streets, strange graffiti decorates buildings' walls and terrorists begin striking key locations in the city.

Soon, similar occurrences start happening around the world. Are they natural?  Are they manmade? Or are they both?

One-time special forces operative and current subway electrician Jake Carter isn't sure.  But, when he witnesses several occurrences of terrorism, subsequent killings and what appears to be a orchestrated attack on the city he has no choice but to intervene, especially when he receives a cryptic message forma former lover.

Carter, his former lover and several other associates suddenly find themselves intertwined in one of the most bizarre and earth-shattering conspiracies imaginable.  Can their combined forces possibly stop what is about to occur?

Writer Steven Saville delivers a hard-hitting, action-packed thriller which plot is as convoluted and twisted as the trail carter and his associates must navigate to solve the mystery.

Akashic Books is proud to present the fist in what promises to be a spectacular series of book beginning with Sunfail.