Monday, October 26, 2015

The Total Skywatcher's Manual

"Space, the final frontier..."  No, this isn't a review about a Star Trek book, but it does have to do with outer space.

What person hasn't gazed into the star-filled night sky and marveled at the millions of stars twinkling in the dark?  Or wondered, "Is there life out there?"

"How vast is space?  What exists out there? How does it all work and how, as human beings, have we charted and observed the stars?"

If you've ever pondered the infinite and find yourself in awe over the vastness of space then I have the perfect book for you.

From WeldonOwen comes The Total Skywatcher's Manual filled with 275+ skills and tricks for exploring stars, planets and beyond.

Bristling with black and white and color photos, charts, schematics, star charts and comprehensive text and visual demonstrations this book is a veritable cornucopia of all things cosmic.

Tips on photography of the heavens, what equipment to buy, how to read the heavens, information on nebulas, galaxies, planets and other bodies in outer space are just of the few things this book contains.

It's so packed wit information you can literally spend hours going over photos, diagrams, illustration and instructions.

Printed on heavy paper stock and featuring metal tipped corners on the cover and back cover, this is a hefty constructed book that is made for heavy use over the years.