Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Torino, 240Z, Stingray and Eclipse

Revell Models has just released four 1/25 Scale car models that are perfect for those over 10 years old to assemble.

Get ready for some high-speed action as four powerful racecars rev up their engines, hit the gas pedals and give you a run for your money
Each model features rubber tires, custom wheels, full engine, interior and exterior details and so much authenticity they look like they could drive off on their own!

Full instructions make assemble, decaling and painting a breeze and with their expertly crafted parts, that easily detach from part trees, cleanup and assemble are a breeze.

First up is the Ford Torino from the classic TV series Starsky and Hutch.

This two-tone red and white Muscle Machine is trimmed to the max in chrome.

There’s a reason why bad guys feared this car.  It’s powerful dual carb 351 c.i. engine made it a bullet on wheels. Throw in its dome light, police radio and its powerful chassis and crooks give up the minute they spot it.

One of the cars I wished I’d owned when I was young was a BRE Datsun 240Z.  Datsun was really coming into its own in the 1960s.  Long gone was the stigma of things made in Japan.
Japanese import cars were slowly taking over the car industry and for good reason.

Dependability, precise assemble, innovative designs and quality all combined to make Datsun cars a young man’s dream.

The BRE Datsun 240Z was smaller than most American made cars at the time but it didn’t lack in power.

Front and rear spoilers, a six-cylinder engine and a power packed engine coupled with impressive body trim, custom paint job and interior details that would make Detroit auto manufactures blush made the 240Z a hit.

America’s dream sport car perfectly describes the 2014 Corvette Stingray.  Sleek, fast and all business make this sporty number one with car enthusiasts.

Chrome custom wheels, a powerful V-8 engine, wraparound low cut windows and aerodynamic body design along with its inset grill and uni-body bumpers all combine to make the stingray one fish other car owners will never catch.

Fast & Furious describe Brian’s Eclipse to a tee.  Lime green with black and white accents, rear spoiler and a low ride chassis allows this beauty to huge the road and curves.

Custom wheels, a custom grill and it’s performance-enhanced chassis and accessories make the exterior and interior super detailed Eclipse Fast & Furious.