Saturday, October 24, 2015

U.S. Infantry World War II

From the 'Big Red One' comes Italeri's U.S. Infantry World War II collection of plastic figures.

Like all of Italeri's war figures this selection includes part trees holding highly detailed and sculpted human figures in full military gear with weapons and equipment.

The unpainted figures detach easily from the part trees with minimal flashing allowing very little trimming necessary-if any.

Forty figures are included along with nine standalone parts for ground-mounted machine guns.
Each soldier comes with weapons or accessories.  All are sculpted in action poses with careful attention given to historical accuracy regarding uniforms and equipment.

Perfect for posing with other Italeri military transports or equipment the figures also make excellent game pieces for war gamers.

On the back of the model box are color-guide illustrations, with a color chart, for perfect WWII uniform and equipment color match ups.