Monday, November 2, 2015

1001 TV Shows You Must Watch Before You Die

I am one of the first of a generation that were glued to their TV sets when they were kids.

The time was the mid-1950s and has continued to today.

Granted as I've grown older I don't watch near as much TV as I used to,  mainly because there aren't too many shows I like or can tolerate.

I'm not big on the living dead, vampires, mass murderers, over dramatic soap operas and reality TV.

I was raised on cowboy shows, innocent situation comedies, clear cut good versus bad detective shows and variety shows that actually had variety.

Foul language was taboo, bedroom scenes were few (with no mention of sex) and heroes still existed.

Still, there are some bright spots on cable and network TV.  I have my favorites as does my wife.

If you are a big time fan of TV for as long as I've watched it I have the perfect book for you: 1001 TV Shows You Must Watch Before You Die, edited by Paul Condon and published by Universe.

Drawing its resource material from countries all over the world the book examines the best-of-the-best TV series from every genre.

Comedies, dramas, cop shows, sci-fi, fantasy, supernatural, variety, westerns-you name it, this book has them.

Each selected TV series is thoroughly examined and includes a color photo. 
Beginning at the beginning of broadcast TV the book flows through each decade, provides pertinent information for each show including cast and synopsis and even offers a few little known facts about each.

This is the ultimate TV show book that brings back memories and invites readers to discover TV shows they may not be familiar with but deserve watching.

Now excuse me, I need to microwave some popcorn, chill off a 2 liter of Coke and sit my over the hill rear down and veg in front of my TV and read this book while I flip through the channels.