Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Child of Two Worlds

When a severe outbreak of Rigelian fever threatens to incapacitate and kill the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise under the command of Christopher Pike desperate measures must be taken.
Too far away from a Starbase to seek a cure Captain Pike orders the crew to pilot the Enterprise to a nearby planet which has a rare mineral element that will cure the crew.

In route, the Enterprise intercepts a small spacecraft being pursued by a Klingon warship.
On board are two woman, one of which had been captured by the Klingons at an early age and has taken up the mantle of a Klingon warrior.

Her sister, kidnapped her from the Klingons and had hopes of taking her home to the planet the Enterprise is traveling to.

Captain Pike and the crew of the Enterprise suddenly find themselves immersed in a struggle between the Klingons and young woman's home planet as to whom she belongs to.

If she is not returned to her home planet the Enterprise will not get the needed medical supplies to cure the Rigelian fever and if she isn't returned to the Klingons the Federation may find itself at war with the Klingons.

Child Of Two Worlds, written by Greg Cox and published by Pocket Books, follows the exploits of the Enterprise crew under the command of Christopher Pike.

A young Mr. Spock must come to terms with his own mixed heritage while attempting to  communicate with the young woman who was captured and raised as a Klingon.

The book begins a series of stories from the original Star Trek series just before Captain Kirk took command of the Enterprise.

For the first time readers are given glimpses of the early lives of Spock, Number One and the other original crew members of the Enterprise.

Star Trek fans are sure to love this latest Star Trek novel.