Friday, November 13, 2015

Lereculey and Gatignol

Comix Buro recently added two new artists to its gallery: Jerome Lereculey and Bertrand Gatignol.

Both have distinctive styles that are sure to be eye-pleasers to anyone who appreciates the art of illustration.

Lereculey's Sketchbook character designs and figure studies range from human to animal to the fanciful.

I found his collection of sketches especially interesting.  They gives readers a real picture of the artist's thought processes.  Rough sketches give way to page layouts, tight pencils, inks and spectacular figure and scene designs.

His expertise ranges from the realistic to the fantastic as evidenced by his careful facial and body studies to his intricately detailed fantasy figures such as monsters, gnomes, trolls, knights and the like.

Gatignol's Sketchbook emphasizes his anime and manga influences.

 Obviously a seasoned draftsman his art is clean, crisp and yet displays flights of fancy with its slightly exaggerated human figures.

Sketches range from cute to commanding-all of which are done with careful attention given to line, composition and color.

Both artist make fine additions to Comix Buro's repertoire of artists.