Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The Art Of Halo 5 Guardians

Just when you think that the Halo video game series can't get any better along comes the next version to prove you wrong.

That's just the case with the new Halo 5 Guardian video game release, especially when it comes to the art.

The Art Of Halo 5 Guardians showcases the incredible visual power of the new video game release.

But, Halo 5 did not just spring up out of nowhere.
Inside this book, from Insight Editions, readers are given a tour of the many steps it takes to produce an award-winning video game.

Starting with sketches, concept drawings, character designs, weapon concepts, environment layouts and atmospheric and terrain details and more that all lead up to a spectacular combination of imagination.

Pages are packed with full-color illustrations and paintings, sketches, building and transport design along with color studies, lighting variations and character interaction with game elements on a large scale.

If you're interested in the how and why behind game design then this is the book you want to purchase.

It's a hands-on examination of the massive creative collaboration behind video game design.