Friday, November 20, 2015

Under The Dome Season 3

Based on the book from premiere horror-master writer Stephen King Under The Dome from CBS/Paramount explores the ultimate case of isolation.

When residents of Chester's Mill find themselves trapped under a gigantic transparent Dome panic initially ushers in.

After three years the townsfolk have managed to reluctantly acclimate themselves to their imprisonment.

Nonetheless the frustration at being cut off from the rest of the world has taken its toll.
Paranoia sets in and the unsettling feeling that there must be a sinister reason behind the Dome.

Who constructed it?  Where does it come from?  Are some of the citizens of the township part of the plot?

Season Three delves more deeply into the mysterious Dome and tension run high as frightening new speculations take root and some questions are at least partially answered making the phenomenon even more disturbing.

The entire Third Season comes in specially designed Under The Dome slipcase.
Extras include:

Bloopers, a retrospective of Season Three, Behind The Scenes Secrets, The Season Finale, Deleted Scenes and several other featurettes.