Wednesday, December 16, 2015


It's just been short of seven months since I retired at age 62.  I've been receiving my retirement pay from work and starting this January, when I turn 63, I'll begin to receive my Social Security checks.

Susan's Social Security benefits begins this month.  Add to that the 401k I have tucked away from my years at the credit union and our saving account we'll be taken care of during our Golden Years.  By no means will be rich-but comfortable.

We've selected a health plan and at age 65 more government benefits will kick in.

Throw in the fact that we owe no debts, our house is paid off and we have our health (so far) the future looks promising.

Before I go any further it's important that I place credit where credit is due.

If it were not for God blessing our family, NONE of this would have been possible.

I thank God everyday for all that he's provided: our retirement, health, food, clothing, housing, transportation, family, friends and most importantly - our salvation.

It's one thing to live on this Earth, it's quite another matter where we'll spend eternity.  Thankfully Susan and I are both saved-both of our kids professed to be saved when they were young.  Let's hope that's true.

Things certainly have changed in my life over the last seven months.  I sleep in longer, I've lost weight, my blood pressure is down and my whole life has slowed down considerably.

Things that seemed so important when I was working seem trivial now.  I no longer feel the need to 'perform'.

I enjoy reading, putzing around the house and yard, going out with my wife to shop or eat, riding my bike, reading, relaxing and writing my website and blog.

I've met a few other collectors my age and I've even started weeding out my collection and selling things.  I'm holding off certain 'favorite' items to the last to sell.  Toys and items my kids want are sorted out and waiting for them when they want them.

One thing has surprised me though.  I no longer feel the need to draw.  In fact, I've stopped drawing all together.  It's no longer enjoyable-if it ever was.

What I mean to say is, for so many years I made my living drawing, designing and what seemed forever struggling with deadlines-whether it was when I was in commercial art or teaching high school classes.

Now that I've retired it's almost painful to pick up a drawing pencil.

I suppose that will change once I get the urge that I don't 'have to' draw.

When and if I go back to drawing, it will be because I want to, not because I have to.  We'll see.

As for now I'm enjoying spending time with Susan, visiting friends, attending church, taking trips, sorting through my various collections and generally taking life slow and easy.

It's taking some getting used to and learning how not to feel guilty about not working but I'm sure I'll get used to it.  I plan on spending my last years quietly and enjoying every minute God has granted me of  life here on Earth.