Thursday, December 3, 2015

Go Fish!, Old Maid and War

Almost everyone (especially kids) is familiar with the cards games War, Old Maid and Go Fish!  There's nothing particularly difficult about each game.

Gamers play by discarding cards on a stack.  The higher value card wins the opponent's card.  The player who wins the most, or all, of the cards is the winner, with slight variations.

Games are played with a standard card deck of 52 for National Parks and 36 with the Battle Cards.

Fast, easy and predictable...unless you are playing with a Birdcage Press's deck of cards.
Who would ever of thought that simple card games like War, Old Maid and Go Fish! could be educational?

Why settle for ordinary card game when you can learn all about history, important facts and special events-all complemented by beautiful full-color art and photos?

52 amazing Places National Parks offers card players a panoramic tour of the most beautiful spots and awe-inspiring landscapes of U.S. National Parks complete with interesting information.  It's like going on a road trip without leaving your home!

Battle Card sets: Military Jets, Aircraft and Spacecraft not only offer full-color photos, illustrations and interesting facts they also allow game players to take part in historical flights, life or death aerial battles and explore the planets and space!

Each of the War (Battle) card games also comes with a 28-page fact book for even more historical facts and exciting game play.

What a totally unique way to pump new life into classic cards games.  Kids and adults learn as they play. They're great for the whole family!