Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Husky and Walkie Talkies

What waddles, hops, walks in funny ways and chases a ball?  Why it's Spin Master's Chubby Puppies Husky of course!

This adorable chubby pooch comes in its own cut-out igloo packaging along with a ball sitting in front of a cut-out snowman.

Approximately three inches long, the Husky has an egg-shaped body, tiny little legs and big flexible ears.  Big blue eyes look out over a short snout and a big movable tongue can be seen through its Husky smile.

Gray and white in color this lovable arctic pup has a cute little curled up tail and with the simple flip of a switch its little legs move and it even follows its ball or pushes it around when it moves.

Everything moves on the Husky when it walks, hops or waddles: its tongue, tail and ears.

This is an adorable toy is well-made, durable, nicely sculpted and colored and comes in a cute package kids can put their Husky in when they finish playing with it.  Nineteen Chubby Puppies are available.

Kids love to play spies.  Spy Gear makes all sort of cool spy gear but one of the coolest is the Spy Video Walkie Talkies.

Good for up to 160 feet the Walkie Talkies require no WIFI and feature actual miniature screens.

Equipped with front-mounted cameras, speakers, LED screens, full volume control, on/off switches and interrupter mode, this twin set of Walkie Talkies delivers super spy capabilities.
Two kids can transmit video and sound back and forth to each other or one kid can hide one Walkie Talkie and watch and listen on the other Walkie Talkie's screen and speaker.

Sized to fit perfectly into a child's hands the Walkie Talkies are heavy-hinged, feature a silver SG logo, front screens with controls and can snap shut to make them even more inconspicuous.

Made of high-impact plastic the Walkie Talkies are tough and durable, easy to use and in a flash are ready to use just moments out their see-thru front panel box.

James Bond would approve.