Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Sleeper and Willys

Italeri presents two new vehicle models, one classic and one modern.

During WWII the U.S. military would have practically been at a standstill if it wasn't for the tough and tried and true Jeep.

This powerful little workhorse was small on comfort but big on delivery. 

Built to withstand harsh conditions and easy to work on and maintain, the Willys Jeep 1/4 Ton 4X4 carried soldiers, hauled equipment and even saw combat when equipped with appropriate firepower.

Olive green, four-wheel drive and loaded down with field equipment such as spare gas containers, shovels and whatever else that might be needed in combat conditions the Jeep could be driven open air or with a canvas canopy that provided some protection during harsh weather conditions.

Italeri's two model Jeep Kit features two Jeeps that are easy to assemble at 11 parts each, allows modelers to select from six decal options and provides a full-color guide on the back of the twin models' box for proper paint application.

Take a moment to appreciate the historical accuracy of each model both inside and out.  Set up your own diorama and pack on the details.  The Willys are here!

For the ultimate in semi-truck design and streamlining the Volvo FH16 520 Sleeper Cab is the pick of the litter.  Introduced in 1993, the Volvo Sleeper Cab has undergone vast upgrades and improvements from electronics to the transmission.

This monster of a truck has smooth lines, completely integrated grills, headlights, venting, mirrors, upper and side lights and reflectors, storage compartments, step-ups, set in front windshield and sloped upper wind sheer.

Emblazoned with a huge Volvo logo on each side, this Sleeper Cab is all class and more.

Compartmental lines signify various access points to the engine and cab with the Sleeper Cab tucked in discretely just behind the driver's cab.

Look for precise engine recreation, luxurious interior details, six tires and wheels, heavy undercarriage and everything you would expect from a high class Volvo Semi-Truck.

Even the trailer hitch adds to the overall design.

Scaled at 1:24, this puppy is large enough not to skimp on the details.

A little glue, paint and decals and before you know it you'll be hitting the road in style.  "Breaker!"  "Breaker!"