Monday, December 21, 2015

Star Wars Quintet

Scholastic Books takes young readers to "A galaxy far, far away."

Young readers are sure to get a kick out five new Star Wars books featuring everyone's favorite Star Wars characters.

First up are two books from Scholastic's Jedi Academy series: Return Of The Padawan and Jedi Academy from writer/artist Jeffrey Brown.

Using a simple cartoon style, Jeffrey presents the continuing adventures of Jedi wannabe Roan Novachez as he attempts to navigate through the Academy.

Along the way he deals with alien cooking, pilot testing, bullies, the Dark Side, meeting Yoda, bumping into aliens and robots, Jedi mind powers and more as he struggles to make it through the most unusual middle school in the galaxy.

Every grade school kid can identify with Roan even though his school is full of aliens from all over the universe.

Star Wars ABCs and Star Wars Colors teach young children their alphabet and to identify colors by using colorful characters from the Star Wars films.

Thick heavy bound paper pages are filled edge-to-edge with color photos and simple text to help young Jedi learn.

Die-hard, older Star Wars fans will appreciate the books for their huge color photos.
Bump up things a notch with the Star Wars A Galactic Pop-up Adventure by Matthew Reinhart that includes a Working Lightsaber!

You read right! Packaged in a protective plastic sleeve the Galactic Pop-up Adventure.
Open each page and a huge pop-up unfolds before your eyes chronicling the legacy of Anakin Skywalker leading into his eventual downfall as he transforms into the infamous Darth Vader wielding a working lightsaber!

Additional small pop-ups are on each page spotlighting certain characters and locations.
It's the ultimate 3D Star Wars adventure!  "May the Force be with you!"