Monday, December 14, 2015

The Vinyl Detective Mysteries - Written In Dead Wax

He is a collector of records (vinyl records to be precise).  His collection is extensive.  So much so it fills his entire flat.

He's also an expert of recorded music.  He is The Vinyl Detective and his services are for hire.
One day, unannounced, a young woman shows up at his doorstep with an offer.

Her employer also collects records and wants him to find a rare Jazz record to complete his collection.  If he finds it, the finders fee will be exorbitant.

There is one condition though.  The young woman must accompany him.

The Vinyl Detective agrees and sets out upon his quest to find the elusive vinyl.

Unfortunately so are others. Others who will kill in order to get the rare record.

Suddenly The Vinyl Detective finds himself knee-deep in a mystery, intrigue and murder.
Can he find the rare record before his adversaries and live to tell the tale?

And why is the record so important?  Important enough to kill for?

The Vinyl Detective - Written In Dead Wax is the first volume in the new Vinyl Detective series from writer Andrew Cartmel published by Titan Books.

The Vinyl Detective is a totally unique character-intelligent, sharp and resourceful.
With its blend of music, mystery, mayhem and murder this first volume in the series is a real thrill ride.