Saturday, December 5, 2015

War, Dynasty, History and Bible

Lionsgate has brought out the big guns this holiday season with four new DVD collections that are sure to keep DVD junkies happy for many, many hours-dare I say it, "Days?"

Polish up your glasses.  Put in your extended wear contact lenses. Prep your snack food and drinks.  Get plenty of pillows and comfortable clothing because you are about to embark on a DVD marathon unlike any you've experienced before.

Fans of war history as sure to get all the facts, fights, photos, charts, interviews, videos and interesting tidbits about the most pivotal military conflicts over the past 200+ years-both domestically and abroad.

"Here come the Redcoats!"  Viewers get to experience the American Revolutionary War-it causes, its conflicts and its ultimate conclusion that signified the birth of our nation.

The Civil War pitted brother against brother in a conflict that culminated in the freedom of slaves and the reunification of a nation.

World War I was christened the 'War To End All Wars' that tore Europe asunder and was responsible for millions of deaths.

World War II took its toll on an ever-expanding world stage with the Allied Forces facing off against the ultimate evil: the Axis Powers.

The Korean War costs millions of lives and left a country split in two until this day and the Vietnam War forever changed the face of war and ushered in a huge split in the American psyche.

All six wars are examined in-depth along with other 'minor wars' such as the War of 1812, the Mexican/American War and other skirmishes.

For some good down-home common sense, strong family values and homespun humor be sure to check out the 18-Disc Collector's Set of Duck Dynasty featuring all 8 Seasons.

It's bearded Louisiana First Family shenanigans brought to your small screen where the entire Robertsons clan make their living, hunt, raise their kids and make more than a little ruckus.

History buffs with go gah-gah over Lionsgate's 17-Disc Collection of DVDs that examine the history of mankind, war and America in six DVD series that take viewers back through the corridors of time.

With over 43 hours of programming learn about Mankind, the Story of America, The Men Who Built America, WWII In HD, Vietnam In HD and The World Wars.

The Best Of History Gift Set is history-making.

For and in-depth look at the most-read book in history be sure to watch the 16-Disc Collector's Set of the Bible Collection.

Starting with the Genesis of mankind through the Old Testament to the New Testament the DVD Set examines Judaism, Christianity, the Bible's Heroes, Mysteries, Jesus, Mary, Cults, Satan, Secrets and more.

It's a DVD collection of Biblical proportions!