Thursday, January 28, 2016

Batman Bad Blood

Three super villains set Gotham ablaze for unknown reasons.  Tusk, Firefly and Killer Moth are suddenly interrupted by a caped figure who proceeds to trounce them. 

From out the shadows the figure appears-it's Batwoman.  But who is she and what connection does she have to Batman?

At a critical moment in the tussle Batman appears and joins in the fight.  As things get heated Batwoman finds herself flung away from the battle by one of Killer Moth's drones. Batman takes chase.  He disappears.

Later when the Bat Signal shines, Batman does not show.

It's left to Nightwing, Robin and two new caped crusaders: Batwoman and Batwing, to join together, albeit reluctantly, to fight crime, protect Gotham and find Batman.

What they discover is a sinister criminal plot, mind control and a new villain, Heretic.

Who is he/she?  Does Heretic's appearance coincide with Batman's disappearance?  Are they related?  That's just of the few questions that face the new Bat team in the new Warner Bros. Animation/DC Universe Original Movie: Batman Bad Blood.

Look for plenty of mystery, mayhem and some of the most spectacular fight scenes ever seen in an animated movie.

Blu-Ray/DVD/Digital HD extras include a Fight featurette, a Batman Family featurette, two classic bonus WB cartoons and a special sneak peek at the upcoming Justice League Vs. Teen Titans animated film from WB.