Friday, January 1, 2016

Collector Resolutions

Now that I'm retired I'm able to dedicate more of my time to collecting-specifically comic books-old comic books, toys and other pop culture items.  I also plan to reorganize and revamp Collectors' Corner.

In 2016 I'm determined (God willing) to accomplish the following items.

1. Expand my Silver and Bronze Age comic book collection.
2. Sell off some of my non-essential' comic books (about 20 long boxes full).
3. Attend more comic book shows.
4. Increase the readership of my website, blog and Facebook.
5. Convince more manufacturers and publishers to send review material.
6. Investigate and explore the possibility of starting a You Tube channel.
7. Sell off the majority of my toys, trading cards, model kits and diecast.
8. In general become more involved in collecting and establish myself as a 'legitimate' authority on comic books
and their history.