Monday, January 11, 2016

Star Trek Voyager: A Pocket Full Of Lies

A lot has changed since the starship Voyager returned from its seven year voyage in the Delta Quadrant.  Ship personnel have moved on, some have retired, while others have taken new assignments on other ships or stations.

The Federation's Full Circle Fleet has been formed to explore the Delta Quadrant and the former Borg space.

When the U.S. S Demeter, under the command of Commander Laim O'Donnell, manages to make first contact with reclusive species Nihydron.  

His mission was to ask for assistance about the history of that region of space.

Admiral Kathryn Janeway is chosen to take part in the first formal meeting.  When the Nihydron meet her they are taken aback.

It seems they have met Janeway before, or at least her doppelganger, as the leader of the Rilnar who are taking part in a conflict on the planet Sormana against the Zahl.

It turns out she is not Janeway's double, but Janeway herself, created during a dimensional/time shift when the Voyager was still stranded in the Delta Quadrant.

But what happened?  Why is she the leader of the Rilnar?  What caused her to abandon the Federation and what will the repercussions be?  Is the universe ready for two Janeways, especially during a planetary conflict?

A Pocket Full Of Lies by Kirsten Beyer and published by Pocket Books successfully brings readers up to date on the exploits of the crew of Voyager and what occurred during the intervening years since their return.

The author fills in the gaps and recounts past pivotal incidences aboard the Voyager during its exiled years, its return and the events set in place. 

It's a 'must-read' for any Voyager fan.