Monday, February 29, 2016

DC Comics Justice League Cosmic Clash Original Movie

Join Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman an other remembers of the Justice League as they face off against the mad robot from outer space: Brainiac.

Braniac needs only one more planet to complete his miniaturized collection: Earth. But when Superman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern come face-to-face with the cybernetic criminal he zaps them to different time periods in the past.

Batman and the Flash race against time to save the lost Justice Leaguers before Braniac's mad plan to collect the Earth comes to fruition.

Meanwhile Supergirl and Cyborg battle Brainiac's drones as they desperately try to stop Brainiac's nefarious plan.

It's dinosaurs, pirates and everything in between as the Justice League battles against time-literally.

The Warner Bros. Blu/ray/DVD/Digital HD Combo Pack featuring LEGO versions of DC characters also includes a Gag Reel that catches the Justice League members in some unexpected situations and hilarious hi-jinxs.