Thursday, February 11, 2016

Dino Mites!

Dinosaurs and turtles!  What a combination!  Join the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as they ride their dinosaur steeds into ninja action.

Mickey sets atop his blue/purple/magenta Stegosaurus decked out in Mikey's colors-including a mask!

This Half-Shell Heroes dino comes with a small articulated Mikey figure that sits on a custom-made orange saddle high on the twin-fin Stegosaurus. Push the button on the dino's back and his head and tail move and swish.  Pose the articulated dinosaur anyway you choose, along with Mikey.

Like all the twin figure sets each dinosaur comes secured to its open front package while its small TMNT figure comes in an attached clear-plastic bubble section on the box.  Each figure set is made for age three and up, are solidly built for rough play, brightly colored and finely sculpted.

Other sets include the Robo Raptor with Triceraton.  The Raptor is colored a silver metallic, features hinged legs, head and tail with the tail segmented into sections.  Twist its tail and the Raptor twists its head and moves its arms.  Triceraton is fully-articulated and dressed in purple and black

Fly away with Raph and his Pterodactyl. The giant flying lizard is blue, green with tinges of green and yellow, wears a Raph mask, carries a red saddle and with the push of a button flaps its wings.

The biggest dinosaur of the bunch is the T-Rex that is Donnie's steed.  Standing over six inches tall the two-tone orange and red T-Rex is massive! Push down its head and it tilts its body and chomps down it impressive jaws.  It comes with a purple mask and knee pads and a special saddle made just for Donnie to ride high.

Kids are gonna love these figures! Dinosaurs and turtles-Jurassic and fantastic courtesy of Playmates Toys!