Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Love The Coopers and MI-5

Lionsgate has just released two new Blu-ray/DVD/Digital HD movies: one's a comedy and the other is a spy thriller.

Family.  No matter how crazy, eccentric, oddball, opinionated and just plain loony-family is family-you're stuck with them.

In Love The Coopers four generations of the Cooper clan decide (or attempt) to have a family reunion.

But, when uninvited and unexpected visitors show up and some turbulent and often comical events pop up the reunion looks doomed-or does it?

Never count out family blood-it runs deep and true and somehow love, compassion and the bond between family strengthens.

For a joyful, heartfelt and touching examination of family and what it means, Love The Coopers is hilarious, touching and proof that love can survive anything...even family.

Extras include 'Making of', Fun On Set and 'Rags The Dog' featurettes, a music video and more.

For edge-of-your-seat excitement and action check out the big movie adaptation of the popular British TV spy series: MI-5.

Terrorism is on everyone's minds nowadays.  No more so than in Europe and the British Isles where an influx of undocumented Middle East 'refugees' are flooding over borders.

When a blood--thirsty terrorist escapes incarceration, Will Holloway has no choice but to team up with Harry Pearce; a disgraced MI5 Intelligence Chief, to track the killer down and stop him before a diabolical terrorist attack occurs in London.

Filmed with the typical British aplomb, MI-5 delivers on all fronts as the excitement intensifies to a bursting point in this high-impact spy thriller filled with lots of action, twists and turns and some unexpected and exciting sequences.

Extras include a 'Making of' featurette and deleted scenes.