Saturday, February 13, 2016

The Bursar's Wife

As the only private investigator of the Cambridge Confidential Services George Kocharyan has had his share of unusual crimes and incidents to investigate.

 Most of the time his work consists of dealing with unfaithful spouses, domestics incidents and the usual day-to-day humdrum of private investigation.

But, things change, and drastically, when the wife of the Bursar of Morley, Sylvia Booker, hires him to look after her daughter Lucy who has fallen in with the wrong crowd.

George and his assistant Sandra and her teenage son soon discover that Lucy is sneaking off to an apartment of an older man.  An affair?  Maybe not, especially when the unfaithful wife George has been following turns up dead-apparently murdered.

When Detective Inspector Vicky Stubbing steps in and George is left with the nagging suspicion that things are not as they seem and that the death of the unfaithful wife and Lucy's apartment tryst may be interconnected.

Author E.G. Rodford and Titan Books present a mystery novel quite unlike any other featuring the most unlikely of characters intermingled with so many twists and turns readers need a GPS just to keep track.

It's glorious fun in a refreshing new British contemporary crime novel that keeps readers guessing.