Wednesday, March 9, 2016

'Cuda, Smokey, Interceptor, Custom, Firebird and Hitch

Are you tired of the same old diecast cars you find in 'Mega' stores?  Do you yearn for 1:64 Scale diecast cars and vehicles that look like they've taken a large vehicle and shrunk it down in size retaining all of its details?  Is it time to put aside 'kiddie' diecast and start buying and collecting 'big boy' diecast?

Here's your chance.  Greenlight Collectibles delivers high-quality, perfectly scaled, packed full of details, miniature versions of cars and vehicles!

Recently Greenlight has broadened its retail outlet availability and I am excited!  Not just for myself, but for anyone who is into diecast vehicles.

Each Greenlight vehicle or vehicle set comes packed in a sealed transparent package that can  both hang or stand on display.  Full detail of each vehicle is on the back of the bubble packs along with a listing of other vehicles in the same set.

Whether you take your vehicles out of the bubble pack or prefer to leave the vehicles in the package both the vehicles and packages are rugged and durable.

Periodically Greenlight releases complete series of vehicles based around central themes or types of vehicles.

Greenlight graciously provided me  six examples of vehicles from six different series-all of which are awesome!

From Greenlight's GL Muscle Series comes its 1970 Plymouth Hemi 'Cuda.  This was 'the' muscle car every teenager wanted, who grew up in the 1970s (myself included).

A two-door sedan, the miniature blue 'Cuda features a hood scoop, plenty of chrome trim, a black roof, full blue interior seats, a super-detailed dash and custom chrome wheels with rubber tires.  Included with the diecast is a trading card of the 'Cuda in action.

Burt Reynolds most famous movie is Smokey And The Bandit.  His black (with gold trim) 1977 Pontiac T/A is perfectly recreated in miniature including its 'T' Top, huge hood decal, air scoop and custom wheels.  Part of Greenlight's Hollywood series this solid metal (as are all of Greenlight's diecast) is a Limited Edition release and is sure to fly off shelves.  Get yours quick!

Hot Pursuit showcases the 2014 Ford Police Interceptor Utility vehicle with all its bells and whistles-literally!).  With its white roof, roof lights, black body with white driver and passenger front doors and its heavy duty frame this is one California Highway Patrol vehicle you don't want to mess with.  Take a moment to check out the ultra-detailed interior.

The 1967 Ford Custom from Greenlight's Country Roads selection is a beautiful aqua four-door with a hood that opens revealing its engine, long body, chrome bumpers and trim and so finely detailed you can even see its steering wheel and dash.

The American Edition Series 9 Motor World Pontiac Firebird Trans Am is a sweet little red and black four-seat convertible with uni-body style, integrated grill and mirrors and enough horsepower to send you flying down the highway.

My favorite of the six figures is the Hitch & Tow Limited Edition, Series 4 1962 Dodge D-100 and Shasta Airflyte.

The double your pleasure, double your fun red and white truck and travel trailer has it all with matching wheels and rims, classic 1960's styling and nostalgia seeping from their frames.

I love the long-bed truck with its white roof, whitewall tires, white front and rear bumpers and its clean, no clutter cabin.  Hitch it up to the Airflyte travel trailer with its red and white and white paint scheme, roof vent, propane tank, eight windows and awesome aerodynamic design and the good old days live again.  There's even an adjustable trailer jack!  What more can you ask?

Greenlight Collectibles are some of the best diecast vehicles you'll find anywhere and now with its expanded retail outlet availability things are about to change in the diecast world.