Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Death Star, R2-D2 and Darth Vader Hand With Lightsaber

Without a doubt the Star Wars films are the most popular (and profitable) science fiction films of all time.

Back in 1977 when George Lucas and 20th Century Fox released the first Star Wars film: A New Hope, both George and Fox were skeptical of its success and hoped to at least make back the money spent on filming and promoting the film.  They hoped to break even.

Boy, were they surprised!  Star Wars went on to make millions of dollars for both the studio and Lucas and completely changed how movies are made, produced, promoted and edited.

Star Wars merchandise was slow to arrive at first (mainly because film promotional material (especially toys) tended not to sell in great numbers (there were a few exceptions of course) so the demand for toys caught Kenner off guard.

So unexpected was the first Star Wars film that Kenner Toys didn't have the Star Wars toys ready for distribution when the film came out so kids had to send in a waver and wait for the first wave of toys.

Star Wars merchandise can be seen everywhere.  Toys, cloths, books, DVDs, magazines-the list goes on and on.

It's difficult to come up with any Star Wars merchandise that is unique-but 3D Light FX has done just that with its series of Star Wars 3D Deco Lights.

By recreating key props from the films (some at actual size) and placing LED lights inside of them 3D Light FX has created the ultimate series of night lights and objects of conversation.

The Death Star 3D Deco Light (like all of 3D Light FX's 3D Deco Lights) come in an attractive heavy cardboard display box decorated (in this case) with Star Wars images.  A clear plastic front allows would-be purchasers to see the 3D Deco Light within.

The Death Star appears to be smashing though a wall or any flat surface.  First a transparent panel with a crack pattern is placde on the flat surface.  Then the Death Star (like all other 3D Deco Lights) is attached to the flat surface over the transparent panel to a wall or flat surface with a screw(s) in a screw anchor(s), securing it in place.

Half of the Death Star protrudes from the wall.  When the light switch is clicked on the Death Star lights up from the interior.  The entire Death Star trench lights up as do hundreds of holes over its surface.  It makes for a truly eerie and formidable sight.

Without a doubt the droid R2-D2 is the favorite non-humanoid character in the films (C3-PO comes in a close second).  The R2-D2 3D Deco Light comes with a wall attachment and cracked panel.

The small droid appears to be crashing through a wall.  Most of his silver and blue dome shows along with the upper three-quarters of his torso showing his front panels and upper leg joints.
When lit R2-D2 emits light from his upper dome and front dome lights. 

Perhaps the greatest cinema villain of all times is Darth Vader.  The Darth Vader Hand With Lightsaber features the Dark Sith Lords' gloved hand holding his trademark Lightsaber. 

Once mounted on a wall it appears as if Darth has smashed thought the wall, Lightsaber in hand) and ready to strike.  Turn on the Lightsaber and it glows an eerie red, just like Darth's Lightsaber.

All of the Star Wars 3D Deco Lights look like the authentic items from the Star Wars films right down to the colors, details and sculpts.  All run on batteries, are safe to touch as they use LED lights that emits no heat and are perfect for kids of all ages.