Friday, March 4, 2016

The Good Dinosaur

Imagine if instead of being wiped out by meteor that struck the Earth millions of years ago (as some believe) that dinosaurs survived because the meteor missed the Earth.

Imagine still that the dinosaurs evolved to the point that they could talk, farm, hunt and cooperate.  Some even became farmers.

Born the runt of a farming family of dinosaurs Arlo is not only small but timid and scared of just about anything.

Hoping to help Arlo make his mark, Arlo's dad assigned him to stop the 'critter' who is stealing their corn.

Arlo captured the critter but was unable kill it and lets it go.  That critter was a human boy. Arlo and his father set out after the boy and a flash flood killed Arlo's dad.

Later, while helping his mother bring in the winter harvest Arlo discovered the boy once again stealing the corn.  He chased him and both he and the boy fell into the nearby river.  They were washed away.

And so begins the adventure of a lifetime for Arlo.
Eventually the boy (Spot) and Arlo become friends and face many dangers together and take part in many adventures-including teaming up with a family of T-Rex.

Along the way Arlo discovers the true meaning of friendship, that there are different types of courage and that everyone, dinosaurs and humans alike, are unique and have worth.

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