Friday, April 8, 2016

At Home In The Father's House

Do you feel that no matter what good deed you do, how often you go to church, how hard you try to serve the Lord that you're just no good enough to gain God's favor?
Were you taught at a young age that God is a powerful and angry father figure who will strike you down for the slightest infraction?  Do you picture God as a bully?

That's just what author John Sheasby thought.  Raised under the strict hand of his pastor father, John had it drilled into him that any sin, failure to follow instructions or misstep threatened to exclude him from getting to Heaven.

There are many of us who lived and struggled under that misconception of who God is.
As explained in Mr. Sheasley book, At Home In the Father's House, from Worthy Publishing, we are God's children and he delights in us.  He doesn't expect us to be perfect.  He understands when we stumble and fall and he's there to pick us up.

He loves us as any father would his child.  His discipline is not to punish us but to instruct us.  It brings him no pleasure to see us suffer or feel unworthy.

Mr. Sheasby offers a personal insight into his early life and when, in a fit of desperation, he quit the ministry and secluded himself away for a month struggling to rewrite in his mind who God is.
He shares his insights with readers and offers comfort and rest by quoting scriptures and describing the wonderful future God has in store for his children.

As a young boy I too struggled with many of the same misconceptions John did.  I pictured God as a cruel taskmaster not as a father.  Since I never had a father around to demonstrate what a father is supposed to be like I allowed my own insecurities and fears to create in my mind a distorted view of God.

After reading At Home In The Father's House readers will see God in a whole new light: as a loving Father who cares for us, wants the best for us and is there whenever we need him. 
Read the book, let its words penetrate your heart and like me, you'll discover  that God truly is love.