Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Atom And and Moby Dick And The Mighty Mightor

Are you ready for some good old 1960's Saturday morning cartoon fun?
Warner Bros. presents two Hanna-Barbera Classic Collections featuring animated adventures first seen in the 1960s.

Before there were commercial tie-in animated series and 'educational' children programs, there were Saturday morning animated TV shows specifically aimed at kids.

Starting early in the morning to almost mid-day each TV network filled the airways with animated series starring funny animals, superheroes and more.

Hanna-Barbera Studios started the TV cartoon show phenomenon and produced the lion's share of Saturday morning kid fare.

Warner Bros. brings back the complete series of Atom Ant cartoons starring everyone's delimitative, insect muscleman.

Using his built-in antenna Atom Ant was instating alerted to danger in his secret Anthill headquarters.  In an instant the miniature muscleman wa ready to take on the likes of Big Fat Dynamo, Cranekenshaft and other despicable villains.

Get ready for action, ant size, with Atom Ant.  

The Atom Ant show also featured the adventure of Precious Pupp and The Hillbilly Bears.  Anyway you slice there were plenty of animated hi-jinx, hilarity and heroics.

Equally impressive was the Moby Dick And The Mighty Mightor cartoon show.
Together with his human friends Tom and Tub the mighty white whale Moby Dick traveled the globe seeking out and battling all those who threatened the world's oceans.  It was a whale of a lot of fun!

Young Tor transformed to the Mighty Mightor, the super-powered caveman using his magic club.  

When danger strikes his village Tor instantly transforms to Mightor to battle strange beasts, threats from other villages and whoever threatens his family, friends and fellow villagers.

Hanna-Barbera Studios could always be counted on to produce fun and exciting animated series.  Discover what it meant to be a kid in the 1960s waking up to Saturday mornings filled with cartoons.