Friday, April 22, 2016

God and Collecting

'God and Collecting' sounds like an odd title for a blog article. But, it really isn't.

As a Christian I have the privilege of praying to God about anything and everything in my life.

I also thank him for all that he has done for me (especially my salvation) and for my family, friends and acquaintances.

Each day when I wake up I immediately thank God for my health, supplying my needs, my family, and even for the little 'extras' he gives me each and everyday.

It's important to realize that each and everyone one of us is one heartbeat away from death.  It is only through the grace of God that we continue to live.

God has never let me down.

I know that without his love, care and guidance I wold be in a real mess.  I am where I am by the grace and generosity of God.  Trust me, I'm not that smart or talented.

Back to my article's unusual title.

For those who are unaware of long years I've spent writing a website and blog what I am about to write might seem a little strange.

For last ten years or so I've been really struggling to keep both the website and blog afloat.  

Readership is steady and consists of some respectable numbers but things have begun to stagnate.

I'm not a wealthy man, in the monetary scheme of things, although I do consider myself 'wealthy' when it comes to God providing over and above my needs.  

After all, he promised his children that he would provide food, shelter and clothing.  He knows what we have need of and is delighted to provide them to his children.

Still, the human desire to grow, prosper and accomplish is in all of us.  It is in our nature.

While I continue to write reviews it is becoming more and more difficult because I simply cannot afford to buy all the things I want to review.  

I depend on manufacturers and publishers to provide review samples-and they have-but the numbers are seriously dwindling.  There are a number of reasons best no discussed here.

Here's my prayer: I pray to God that he will open doors so that I receive more review material: books, toys, comic books, models, trading cards, magazines, DVDs, electronics, etc.

I've always attempted to write entertaining, uplifting and interesting reviews that are very family oriented.  I believe that the world needs more positivity.  I hope I've done so.

I also collect old comic books-primarily Silver and Bronze Ages.  While I have a considerable collection, I'm always looking for more.  

I'm not interested in their value, only their readability.  I love reading and looking through old comic books-after all, they are what inspired me to become a graphic designer and art teacher.

I also love old toys-especially ones from my childhood.

I pray to God that he'll provide these.  Make no mistake, God can do anything.  There are no obstacles to God.  

I know that God has a reason why things have slowed down.  Perhaps one day He'll share it with me why.

But, God tells his children to pray to him about all our cares and concerns. We are not to worry, but rather we are to trust him explicitly.  No one said it would be easy, but with God's grace it is possible.

God has been good to me, far more than I deserve. Frankly I don't deserve his love or generosity.

When I look back over the years I realize how he always provided me work, allowed to me meet, fall in love and marry my wonderful wife of almost 38 years, how he blessed us with two children that we adopted, our friends and our church-the list is endless.  

And to top it off, when I die I get to spend eternity with him in Heaven.

All of this was possible because of the grace of God and the sacrifice his Son Jesus Christ made on the cross.

To some this may sound old-fashioned, dated and politically and socially 'out of touch'.

To scoffers I can only say, "God loves me and you.  He wants only the best for all of us.  His Son paid the ultimate sacrifice for our sins and He made salvation so simply.  

It goes like this: admit you are a sinner, ask God to forgive you and he'll save your soul.  No good works, no sudden life turnaround, no stringent rules and no social standing.  Everyone is is on the same level and on the same playing field.

So, please pray for me that God's will be done in my life.  If you see fit ask him to bless my review efforts.  God is good.