Monday, April 4, 2016

Jonny Quest, Legion Of Super Superheroes, Young Justice and Justice League Vs Teen Titans

I am a huge fan of Hanna-Barbera and Warner Bros. Animation studios.  I'm excited because Warner Bros. not only creates and distributes its own animated series (old and new), it also distributes and archives the old Hanna Barbera library of classic cartoons, even the 1960's series!

Join me as we travel back to 1964 on a Thursday even about 8 PM as we tune in our TV to the ABC Network for the very first episode of the first primetime, adventure, animated series: Jonny Quest.

I had just turned 11 when Jonny Quest premiered on TV and I was immediately hooked.  What adolescent and young teenage boy wasn't?  The show was a young boy's dream come true.

Jonny and his father, Dr. Quest, their body guard and tutor Race Bannon, Hadji, Jonny's adopted Indian brother and Bandit their dog traveled all over the globe, encountered unbelievable evil such as a resurrected mummy, a bitter and disgruntled WWI German Ace, a sinister scientist and his robotic creation, an invisible monster and so many more memorable characters.  The action was fast, the dialogue was clever and the characters unforgettable.

Warner Bros. presents The Complete First (and only) Season of Jonny Quest containing every episode of this ground-breaking series along with trailers, vintage TV commercials and several featurettes about the series.

Up until just a few years ago Warner Bros. Animation produced a number of outstanding animated episodic series based on DC Comics characters. Currently a revamped Teen Titans is the only series airing, but at one time Warner Bros. Animation cranked out Batman, Superman, Green Lantern and several other memorable series.

Once of those series was Legion Of Superheroes, that also starred a young Superboy.
The Legion existed in the 23rd Century and it members consisted of teenagers with extraordinary super powers.  They abode in a Legion Headquarters and patrolled the Earth and the surrounding planets protecting them from intergalactic threats.

The series faithfully portrayed the LSH as they appeared in DC Comics and the episodes featured notable super villains associated with the Legion.  Created for kids, the Legion series far-outshown its original concept and delved into more mature storylines and successfully examined each Legion character as individuals with distinct personalities.

There was real tension and emotional content to the series.  It's no wonder it became a favorite of DC fans. Warner Bros. was kind enough to send me three DVD sets totaling 13 episodes-all of them outstanding.  A DVD extra on the first DVD in the set that goes behind the scenes to show how Warner Bros. Animation successfully translated the LSH from print to screen.

Warner Bros. Animation took one step further into young adult themes with its Young Justice animated series. Season One Volumes 1-3 introduced viewers to Young Justice members Robin, Superboy, Aqualad, Kid Flash, Miss Martian and Artemis.

As with the LSH series each member of Young Justice was clearly defined and acted much like any other teenage, sans power, would act.  Impulsive, prone to overreact, filled with conflicting emotions and often guilty of making bad decisions, members of Young Justice reflected teenagers' foibles.

Working together the team oozed teenage angst but pulled together nonetheless to accomplish their missions that were often covert, extremely dangerous and sometimes fatal.

Watch as they battled Amazo, Klarion, Black Manta (among others) and teamed with older DC heroes such as Batman and Dr. Fate.  Sadly Young Justice was cancelled at the height of its creative run, but it remains a favorite of fans still.

Never ones to stand on their past achievements the team behind Warner Bros. Animation continues to turn out outstanding direct-to-Blu-ray/DVD/Digital HD DC Comics full-length animated movies.  All are outstanding and of the highest caliber with spectacular animation combining traditional with computer animated effects, powerful soundtracks and edge-of-your-seat stories.

Warner Bros. Animation's Justice League Vs. Teen Titans DC Universes Original Movie is no exception.

The Gift Set also includes a Special Limited and Numbered Robin figure, lots of special features and bonus cartoons.

In this epic battle the Teen Titans face off against demon-possessed Justice League members hell-bent on procuring Raven for her demon father Triton. 

Relegated to work alongside the Teen Titans Robin reluctantly joins the other teenagers as they fight crime.  But, when team member Raven is threatened and mankind's fate weighs in the balance the team pulls together to battle the older Justice League members.

It's the face-off fan's clamored for and Warner Bros. Animation delivers in spades!  Loaded with action, surprises and a plot that borders on classic Justice League Vs. Teen Titans is sure to become a huge hit with DC Comics fans and anyone else who watches it.  It's epic!