Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Living A Mighty Faith

God works in mysterious ways.  He also works through the lives of Christians to accomplish his will.  And as an extra added benefit he blesses those Christians who follow his will.  All it takes is faith.
In Living A Mighty Faith potato farmer Angus Buchan turned evangelist offers a year-long devotional that demonstrates through simple stories of faith how God works and performs wondrous works.

Short true-to-life stories coupled with daily verses illustrate how God honors faith by providing for needs, performing miracles and doing the seemingly impossible.

Each day readers are given stories laced with advice, Bible verses and prayer suggestions that are guaranteed to bring about personal changes, help in times of trouble and offers comfort in times of need.

This small, hardbound book that is beautifully illustrated on its cover and complete with a ribbon page marker, makes the perfect complement to daily Bible readings and devotionals, courtesy of Thomas Nelson.