Thursday, April 28, 2016


Have you ever been passionate about anything?  Do you eat, breath and exist to follow your passion?  Does your passion dictate your actions, thoughts and motivation?  Yes, to all three for me.

There are two things I am passionate about (not counting worshiping God and loving my family).

They are: writing reviews and old comic books.  Do these seem like odd passions to you?  I imagine to some they might.

But, then again, I've never understood people's passions for sports (of any kind), the arts and anything having to do with building, repairing or construction.

I love writing my reviews.  I get a kick out of examining a toy, book or whatever the pop culture item and passing on my observations to readers.  I also like reading other people's impressions.

I've loved old comic books since I was a kid.  There's something about the stories and art that strikes a cord with me.  Call it nostalgia, appreciation for creativity or reliving my childhood, whatever the reasons, to me, there is noting better than discovering old comic books and looking through them.

I love the art, the upcoming issues listings, the ads and even the letter pages.  I can't get enough of them. 
While I have a modest collection of old comic books I'm always hopeful I can find more-cheap!

I'm not one of those collectors that will pay exorbitant prices for comics books only to hoard them away without even looking at them.  I want to feel the comic book in my hands, flip through its page and breath in the slightly musky smell of its pages and cover.

I love reading about comic books, discovering their unique history and about those who created them.  I want to own every single Silver Age and Bronze Age comic books created, especially from DC and Marvel Comics.

I want  to write about them, share them with others and pass them on after I die to those who would appreciate them.  They are my passion.  What's your passion?