Monday, April 18, 2016

U.S. Infantry On Board and A-10 A/C Thunderbolt II

World War II brought about a great deal of innovation and technological advancement both in military hardware and non-military applications.

The United States Army was one of the best equipped and trained fighting forces in the world.
Soldiers were equipped for general survival and combat.  Each division of specialty had state-of-the-art equipment specifically made for their individual tasks.

Italeri presents a ten figure, 1/35 Scale collection of U.S. Infantry featuring foot soldiers, flame throwers, bazooka launchers, mortar launchers and various field equipped soldiers ready to take on the enemy.

A back-of-the-box color guide allows model makers to accuracy paint their figures to match military uniform and equipment colors from that time period.

The United States Air Force needed a powerful aircraft that doubled as close air support and ground combat-specifically against tanks and armored vehicles.

With its twin General Electric turbofan engines and its 30 mm. GAU-8/A Avenger Gatling the USAF got exactly what it asked for.

With its impressive payload, tough and rugged construction and speed and maneuverability the A-10 was one of the most effective aircraft in the Gulf War responsible for destroying over 900 enemy tanks.

Italeri recreates the impressive aircraft complete with its under wing arsenal, twin rear engines, twin tailfins and heavily armored pilot cockpit.

Paint it, decal it and put it together and you have one of the most impressive, dynamic and detailed accurate aircraft models around.

As with all Italeri models, parts fit securely and tightly together, instructions are easy-to-understand and putting together the model is a snap.