Monday, May 9, 2016

Bond and Who

Two of my all time favorite TV and movie properties: James Bond and Doctor Who come courtesy of Hachette Book Group in several of its imprints.

Two James Bond books from Race Point Publishing delve deeply into the legend of British super spy: James Bond.

Bond VS. Bond explores the many cinematic faces of 007 starting with Sean Connery up until the current Bond: Daniel Craig.

Each actor's portrayal of the famous spy is examined and analyzed.

Their unique takes show the many sides of James Bond, from gentle to ruthless.

Also included in the book (written by Paul Simpson) are sections about Bond's creator: Ian Fleming, a progression of his books, Bond's translation to film, film scores and songs, various Bond merchandise (such as comic books), Bond's gadgets and transportation, Bond books written by authors other than Fleming, Bond's women and his many rebirths and reboots.

Each and every section goes into extensive detail about every aspect of James Bond and how he has evolved over the decades by adapting to the times.

Bond movies are analyzed and picked apart for their strengths and weaknesses, as are the actors who have portrayed Bonds in TV and in movies.

It's the ultimate insider look at the imaginative realm of the world's most famous spy.

Equally impressive is photographer Terry O'Neill's 'All About Bond' that offers behind-the-scenes photos from the various Bond movies and also includes up close portraits of the women, villains and supporting casts in each movie.

Several of the actresses who portrayed Bond Girls offer their own personal insights about the films they appeared in, there's a section on Bond's cars, production and glamour photos, comments from several past James Bonds and gripping and captivating text about the Bond films.

Especially interesting are the various candid photos normally not seen by the general public.
In them you get to see actresses and actors between takes, goofing off and posing for promotional photographs.

It's a revealing look at the world of James Bond courtesy of Evans Mitchell Books.

Another British import that has been around nearly as long as James Bond is Doctor Who.

Author Cameron K. McEwan and illustrator Andrew Skilleter have created a Whovian guide to the friends, foes, villains, monsters and companions to the good Doctor in The Who's Who Of Doctor Who.

Pages are filled with photos and artwork portraying the various characters seen in the Doctor Who series over the decades. Full descriptions are provided for each as well as their first appearance, their relationships to the Doctor and other characters and how they interact with the Doctor and his companions over time, courtesy of Race Point Publishing.