Sunday, May 22, 2016

Chronicles Of Darkness Revised Storytelling System Rulebook

Have you ever gone into an empty room and thought you saw something or someone out of the corner of your eye?  Have you seen indistinguishable shapes lingering in the shadows?

Have you ever heard unusual sounds that you know emanate from nothing animal or human?  
Are there monsters under your bed or in your closet?  Do witches, warlocks, demons, monsters and other ghoulies exist?

I for one believe they do.  As a Christian I know there are unseen evil forces at work that if witnessed would chill your blood and send your heart racing.

There are evil forces present all around us, manipulating events and seeking out those they can destroy or coerce.

In The Chronicles Of Darkness Revised Storytelling Rulebook gamers are given a tour of worlds very much like our own (or maybe it is our world) that are populated by things that go bump in the night.

The Rulebook explains to gamers how to create such imaginative worlds, game scenarios, characters and the who, what, where and how of each game campaign.

Certain rules must be adhered to such as limits of powers, abilities and the like.  Storytellers are responsible for creating scenarios and drawing other gamers into their dark realms and continuing to keep the games exciting, involving the gamers and responsible for moving the adventures forward.

Examples and tips in the Rulebook aid both game masters and participants as to the possibilities of the game and what to expect from the unexpected.

Experience, accumulated knowledge and teamwork drives each game scenario forward, encourages more complex game mechanics and ultimately draws both novice and veteran gamers into each exciting excursion into the unknown.

The Chronicles Of Darkness Revised Storytelling Rulebook by Onyx Path Publishing makes for the perfect reference for those about to enter the worlds of the macabre, horrific and mystical.  Are you ready to delve into the dark?