Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Clipper and Falcon

Hasegawa Hobby Kits presents two Limited Edition aircraft model kits.  Both kits feature easy-to-follow instructions and precision parts that detach quickly and easily from part trees with little or no flashing.

By following the extremely well-done instructions (that also include historical information about each aircraft) painting, decaling and assembling your models are a snap!

The 1/200 Scale C-40A Clipper US Navy personnel and cargo transport is a modified Boeing 737-700 commercial aircraft.

As with most military transport aircraft the Clipper transforms from a 121 seat passenger aircraft into a cargo or combination passenger/cargo aircraft quickly and efficiently.

With its long tubular body, twin jet turbines and distinctive oversize rear fin the Clipper glides through the art as swiftly and as smoothly as its naval ship namesake.  Two decal options are available.

The 1/48 Scale F-16C Fighting Falcon "CFT" model kit recreates (albeit in miniature form) the lightweight but deadly fighter aircraft Falcon.

Equipped with a gatling cannon and wing-tip missiles when combined with its conformal fuel tanks that reduce drag the Falcon makes for small, almost invisible to radar target that is a quick as it is deadly.

Streamline, compact and beautifully designed the Falcon is small (by most standards) but makes up for its size with its maneuverability, quick-strike capabilities and extended flight capabilities.