Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Comic Books, Magazines, LP Records and Action Figures

Serious collectors are fanatic about keeping their collectibles clean, undamaged and secure.
Comic book, magazine, LP record and Toy collectors are some of the most fanatic collectors of all.  I know, I am one.

There's nothing worse than storing your collectibles in shabby boxes or containers that either fall apart because they are not sturdy or ill-fit the collectibles within so collectible edges or corners wound up being dog-eared or damaged.

Never fear!  The Collection Drawer Co.'s DrawerBoxes are here!

DrawerBoxes are manufacturered as Long Boxes, Short Boxes and Magazine Boxes,  But here's the kicker.  They not only fit comic books and magazines but action figures and LP Records, depending on the size box you choose.

Each DrawerBox comes with an outer sleeve, reinforced with a fold-in extra slip sleeve and include clever BoxSort Upright Dividers, which keep contents from falling over, being damaged and makes for easy sorting by type or title.

DrawerBoxes can be easily stacked due to their heavy construction and the BoxLox Box Anchoring System securely hold DrawerBoxes together so they don't shift, fall or slip.  Talk about your perfect storing system!

Each DrawerBox is made of sturdy, heavy-gauge cardboard, is pre-cut and scored for easy folding and construction. I had two long boxes, two short boxes and one magazine/LP box assembled and ready to go in less than ten minutes.

I'm anxious to sort and store my Silver Age and Bronze Age and key comic books, pull some select toys and protect some valuable magazines.

I highly recommend you ditch your 'ordinary' storage boxes and switch to DrawerBoxes.  You'll be glad you did and so will your collectibles!