Sunday, June 12, 2016

Dice Heist, Octo Dice and Doomtown Saddlebag Expansion

Are you up for a little larceny?  Is you inner thief peeking its ugly head into your consciousness?  Does the thought of ill-gotten gain get your blood stirring?

Do you succumb? After all what's a little thievery among friends?

In Alderac Entertainment Group's (AEG) Dice Heist game two to five players take on the roles of international thieves who individually set out to heist valuable artifacts, gems and other assorted fabulous riches.

It's thief pitted against thief as you recruit Sidekicks (or go it alone), steal the precious items before the other thieves in the game do and make your successful escape. 

Who will be the premiere thief and get the goods?  The role of the dice determines who goes first and with the flip and play of the cards you choose a location and its treasure to heist, pick a Sidekick and attempt the heist.

Rolls of the dice also determine the security of said location and if you succeed or fail.

At the end of the game players tally up their heists, artifacts, gems and paintings.  Whoever has the highest score wins!

Included in the game are 15 Dice, 56 Cards and a Rulebook.

The nice things about AEG Games are they are easy to understand, simple to set up and yet provide strategy challenges, exciting game play and accessibility for all ages.

No long drawn-out dice or card combinations, precise calculations and seemingly endless rules and memorization. 

Equally fun is Octo Dice.

In this game you take on the role of deep-sea researchers, age 14 and up with a total of four players.

Something has gone wrong at the underwater research station AquaSphere.

Tools and bots have stopped working. Players must find out what is wrong and fix it-quick, before the competition does.

Lab expansion, crystal analysis, submarine docking, bot repair and activation and the capture of Octobots must be done as quickly as possible.

But, there may be spies making your accumulation of knowledge fraught with danger. Role the dice, refer to lab tiles and markers and tally up your score to see who wins.

It's all-out undersea action and intrigue that is fast-paced and can hit players like a tsunami!
A Scoring pad, 6 Dice, 9 Tiles, 16 Makers and Rulebook are included.

History has changed, the Confederacy has survived, the Indian Nations are in an uprising, monsters and other ghosts and ghoulies room The Old West and the super fuel Ghost Rock has advanced technology to a dangerous level in a primitive land.

Soon there arise heroes to fight the growing number of the evil. Gomorra (Doomtown) has a huge strike of Ghost Rock, which brings with every type of fortune hunter (good and bad) out of the woodwork.

It's up to the law in Ghost Town to keep law and order-and that's a 'tall' order.

Choose your side, your characters, your claim, your weapons and make your play.

You decide your strategy with a little magic and subterfuge thrown in for good measure.
It's the Old West like you've never seen it before.

Be sure to pick up Doomtown Saddlebag Expansion: The Curtain Rises the offers Doomtown's sheriff a new ally against the evil Fourth Ring Circus.  But is it too little or too late?

A Story Sheet and 84 beautifully illustrated Game Cards are included.

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