Friday, June 3, 2016

First Things First

There come pivotal points in your life when you have to make life-changing decisions.  Nothing radical or earth-shattering, just a change that needs to be made.

That happened to me last night while I was in bed about to go to sleep.

Over the past weeks I've been struggling about what to do with my comic books and other collectibles.  I also caught myself fretting abut my website, blog and Facebook numbers and supply of review material.

Then it occurred to me.  For 24 plus years I've collected comic books and other pop culture items and produced Collectors' Corner.  I spent a  lot of time on each, sometimes at the expense of time with my family and worst yet-time spent with God.

I am a Christian and as a Christian the focus of my life should be God.  Not because he forces me to but because having saved me I owe him my life--literally.

In the scriptures God states that you should put no other gods before him.  In other words participating in idol worship.

When the word idol is mentioned most people picture crude wooden or stone edifices, creature worship and so forth.  But, idol worship is placing anything or anyone before God.

I'm guilty, I admit it.  I've placed collecting and writing over God.  That stopped today.

Every I have, everything I am is God's.  Therefore I place everything in God's hands.  It's his anyways.

That takes a lot of pressure of me, my family and my time.  If God chooses to bless my hobby and writing that's fine.   If not, that's fine too.

No more stress, no more worrying, no more fretting about things that really don't matter in the long run anyway.

Should God wish me to continue collecting and writing I intend to do it with his blessing and to focus on the giver of all things, not the things themselves.

A word of advice: be grateful to God for your life, your family, your friends, the fact that you have food to eat, a place to live and cloths on your back.  Pray to God and thank him. 

Here's another tidbit: prayer is nothing more than talking to God as you would your family and friends.  Talk to him, about anything.  After all he made you and who knows you better than the one that made you?