Monday, June 6, 2016

The Good, The Tough & The Deadly and Alternative Movie Posters II

It should come as no surprise that the movie action heroes of the 1970s and the 1980s have recently made a huge comeback.

You only have to go the movies to spot Arnie, Stallone, Willis and a score of past tough guys and gals to realize that the tough guy has never gone out of style at the movies.

They may be slightly grayer around the temples, carry a few more scars, are not quit as fit and sport a few more wrinkles and pounds but they're still kicking!

Schiffer Publishing and author David J. Moore have compiled an impressive hardbound book listing every tough guy and girl that starred or appeared in movies for the 1960s up until the present.

There are hundreds of photos of movie posters, detailed interviews with many of the famous action heroes and heroines and plenty of movie synopsis and insider info on said movies.

This is the 'ultimate' Action Movies and Stars guide for fans of the genre spanning from the 1960s to the present.  

In Alternative Movies Posters II: More Film Art From The Underground author Matthew Chojnacki presents stunning movie poster alternatives from some of the most influential and ground-breaking underground artists of today.

Starting with film's early beginnings and covering every genre of film the book presents fascinating visual alternatives to classic movie posters. 

Ranging from posters rendered ultra-realistic to highly stylized each example showcases the individual artists' unique styles.

As an artist and designer myself I appreciate that hard work and creativity necessary to create each work of art.