Friday, June 10, 2016

TMNT Ragin' Racer

Get ready for some serious Ninja-Flip Action with Playmates newest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toy fashioned after Raphael in Out Of The Shadows TMNT movie.

An exclusive Raphael figure comes with a cool TMNT motorcycle.

Raph is all decked out in his Ninja gear plus additional motorcycle garb.  Check out his goggles.

Raph comes dressed in his trademark red apparel although slightly slapped together from various pieces of material.

I especially like his wrist, hand, ankle and foot protection along with his Ninja pants, cool gray belt with red accents, four-strap and buckled backpack and red mask.

Fully-articulated, the Raph figure looks like it jumped right out of the movie screen!

Place Raph on his motorcycle and with the press of a button hidden on cycle's seat Raph flips head over heels and pounces ready for Ninja action!

The motorcycle comes decked out in red with green headlights, a custom made turtle size seat, chrome engine, exhaust and wheels, a working kickstand and lots of detail.

Roll Raph along or catapult him into TMNT action.  Both Raphael and the motorcycle are packed with details, feature cool paint and color application with no fussy, blurred blend edges, tight articulation and solid construction. 

Oh, and let's not forget Raphael's Sai!