Friday, July 29, 2016

Mycroft Holmes And The Apocalypse Handbook #1

Mycroft Holmes: Sherlock's older, and smarter, brother.  He is a spoiled, privileged, obnoxious and brilliant college student who prefers to challenge, mock and spar with his professors, drink and party to excess and have sex with married women-preferably his professors' wives.

After a one-on-one with his Philosophy professor, Mycroft proceeds to seduce the professor's wife.  After several bouts of love-making Mycroft's younger brother: Sherlock, arrives soaking wet.

Having arranged for Sherlock to witness his first naked woman, suddenly masked men smash trough the door and subdue Mycroft with an electrified glove and leave.

Sherlock is not impressed-he credits it to another of Mycroft's carefully crafted and orchestrated pranks.

Mycroft awakens to find himself hanging upside down and bound head to toe.  A masked man assaults him with his fists and then sends in hungry hounds.

But, are things as they seem?  Who are the men who abducted him? What do they want to know?  What have their actions have to do with a mysterious mechanical device that exploded in a nearby museum killing many?

Titan Comics and Kareem Abdul Jabbar (yes, that Kareem!), Raymond Obstfeld, Joshua Cassara, Luis Guerrero and Simon Bowland present a Victorian adventure like no other as Mycroft and Sherlock reluctantly team up to discover the secrets behind the Apocalypse Handbook. 

It's the Age of Steam like its never been seen before!  Great story, awesome art and spectacular colors make a combination that will please any Holmes fan.  

Thursday, July 28, 2016

The Bronze

We've all met someone like this.  A person who lives for a past moment of glory or a pivotal event in their lives.

They bask in their once-found celebrity status or moment of recognition and never seem to mature or change after that instant.

Hope Anne Greggory is just such a person.  A Bronze Medal winner from over a decade ago she was her hometown's sweetheart.  Stuck in that moment of time she still dresses the same, wears her hair the same and milks her celebrity status to get handouts and freebies from her hometown folk.

That is until in order to inherit a sizable inheritance she must coach the town's newest Olympic hopeful.

She is left with a choice, mold the newest hometown athlete, Maggie, or sabotage the entire program in order to keep her semi-legendary status.

What results is a funny, often poignant and surprisingly heartfelt film about a one-time athletic star faced with her own mortality.

Sony Pictures presents The Bronze in DVD with additional deleted scenes included.

As an extra added bonus reviewers (that's me) receive a special sports bag filled with munchies and a drink container with straw.  It may not be a Bronze Medal, but it sure is winner!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The Ripper Legacy

Author David Stuart Davies presents his latest 'The Further Adventures Of Sherlock Homes' book: The Ripper Legacy, published by Titan Books.

The Victorian sleuth and his faithful companion Dr. Watson are visited by the very distraught Ronald Temple whose son has been kidnapped. 

Oddly enough there was no ransom note.  Extracting as much information available for the boy's father and after making several logical conclusions Holmes concludes that the kidnapping has sinister connections to the upper echelon of London's powerful and wealthy.

What of the child?  Has his true heritage placed him in such a nefarious and dangerous situation?  Why are those associated with his family and on the kidnapping case also in grave danger? 

What has the Whitechapel murders from a decade before and Holmes' nemesis Moriarty have to do with the kidnapping?

Things are not as they first appear as Holmes and Watson play a very dangerous game of cat and mouse in one of Sherlock Holmes most perplexing and mysterious cases of his crime-fighting career.

The Ripper Legacy is Holmes at his best: meticulous, relentless and eccentric.  It's time to revisit Baker Street and the world's most famous crime-solver.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Doc Savage and Route 66

When I was a young teenager I happened across a Doc Savage book that featured a James Bama painted cover.  Intrigued, I bought it, read it and really enjoyed it.

Not long after I searched out all the other Bama cover Doc Savage books and purchased and read them.  I was hooked.

Coincidentally not long that after Marvel Comics began publishing a Doc Savage comic book and magazine and about that same time a Doc Savage movie came out starring one-time TV Tarzan: Ron Ely.

I also discovered that Doc Savage had originally been published as a Pulp Fiction series popular in the 1930s and 1940s.

Here's an interesting fact, Doc Savage in many respects is the predecessor to and inspiration for Superman.  Doc Savage was known as 'The Man of Bronze', while Superman was 'The Man of Steel' and both had Fortresses of Solitude.  Coincidence?  I think not.

McFarland Publishing and author Robert Michael 'Bobb' Cotter present A History Of The Doc Savage Adventures in pulps, paperbacks, comics, fanzines, radio and film.

It makes for a fascinating read chronicling one of the most important fictional characters ever created and who was responsible, no small part, for the superhero comic book genre.

America's Main Street, Route 66, was for decades the road, or route, that American's used to see this great country of ours.

Much of the infrastructure and travel businesses we take for granted today was created during the heyday of Route 66 including motels, drive-ins, etc.

It was a route resplendent with wacky off-road attractions, quirky buildings and down-home folk trying to make a living in their mom and pop establishments.

Author William Kaszynski does an outstanding job of delineating the history of Route 66 complemented with art and photos from the past and present in 'Route 66 Images Of America's Main Street'.

Thankfully Route 66 is experiencing a resurgence in interest as Americans from all walks of life are rediscovering America's Main Street. 

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Right Stuff and Weird

Schiffer Publishing presents two new titles that will keep readers up in the air and feeling weird.
Most people have seen the movie 'The Right Stuff' that chronicled the U.S. Space Program in its early stages. 

The early astronauts were all test pilots and jet jockeys. 

There were a lot of good reasons why that was so.  The most important reason was that they were experienced pilots, used to flying by the seat of their pants and anticipating and correcting problems under pressure.

In 'Training The Right Stuff: The Aircraft That Produced America's Jet Pilots' authors Mark A, Frankel and Tommy H. Thomason, along with illustrator Jack Morris take readers on a historical aeronautic journey.

Pictures, photos and text provide a fascinating trip through time beginning with the very first aircraft up to modern day jet fighters.

Along the way readers learn about he rigors of flight training, technological advancements and failures, the various types of aircraft used and their evolution in design and how through trial and error America's jet pilots became the greatest in the world.

For a in-depth and thorough examination of what it took (and takes) to obtain 'The Right Stuff' be sure to pick up this book.

The world is full of weird and unusual items, historical events and oddball occurrences and locations.

Keeping Austin Weird: A Guide To The (Still) Odd Side Of Town by Red Wassenich, you'll discover just how weird things can get.

Red takes readers on a tour of Austin, Texas starting with weird places and culminating in weird businesses.

Photos, art and text delve into the 'unusual' side of Austin.  It's a weird, wild, wacky and way-out tour that is sure to leave you 'weirded' out.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Previews, August

Dreaming Eagles Volume 1 HC l AFTERSHOCK COMICS
Archie Meets The Ramones One-Shot l ARCHIE COMIC PUBLICATIONS
Big Trouble in Little China/Escape from New York #1 l BOOM! STUDIOS
Jim Henson’s Labyrinth Artist Tribute HC l BOOM! STUDIOS
Belladonna #1 l BOUNDLESS COMICS
James Bond: Hammerhead #1 l D. E./DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT
Disney Cars #1 l JOE BOOKS INC.
Disney·Pixar Finding Dory GN l JOE BOOKS INC.
Angel City #1 l ONI PRESS INC.
Tales from the Crypt #1 l PAPERCUTZ
Warhammer 40,000: Will of Iron #1 l TITAN COMICS
Hard Case Crime: Peepland #1 l TITAN COMICS
Hard Case Crime: Trigger Man #1 l TITAN COMICS
Platinum End Volume 1 GN l VIZ MEDIA LLC
Super Mario Adventures GN l VIZ MEDIA LLC

DC Comics Encyclopedia Updated Edition HC l COMICS
Deadpool: Drawing the Merc With a Mouth l COMICS
The Mysterious World of Doctor Strange HC l COMICS
The Phantom: The Art of the Ghost Who Walks HC l COMICS
Walt Disney Archives: The Animated Movies HC l DISNEY/ PIXAR
Star Trek Encyclopedia Revised & Expanded HC l STAR TREK
20 Years of Tomb Raider HC l VIDEO GAME BOOKS

Scooby Doo Magazine #36 l TELEVISION SERIES
The Walking Dead Magazine #18 l THE WALKING DEAD

Gotham Season One Trading Cards l CRYPTOZOIC ENTERTAINMENT
Topps 2016 Walking Dead Season 5 Trading Cards l TOPPS COMPANY

Deadpool: Maximum Effort Black T-Shirt l PREVIEWS EXCLUSIVE WEAR
DC Heroes: For Darkseid Red Heather T-Shirt l PREVIEWS EXCLUSIVE WEAR
Harley Quinn: Harley Kicks the Joker Black T-Shirt l PREVIEWS EXCLUSIVE WEAR
Deathstroke: Vitruvian Orange T-Shirt l PREVIEWS EXCLUSIVE WEAR
2000AD Dredd: The Cursed Earth Uncut by Bolland Black T-Shirt l PREVIEWS EXCLUSIVE WEAR
Doctor Who: TARDIS Blue Swirl Royal Blue T-Shirt l PREVIEWS EXCLUSIVE WEAR
Watchmen: Superman Symbol T-Shirt l GRAPHITTI DESIGNS
Wonder Woman: 75th Anniversary Polo l GRAPHITTI DESIGNS

Batman: The Animated Series Premiere Collection: Nurse Harley Statue l DIAMOND SELECT
Marvel Fact Files Special #23: Doctor Strange l EAGLEMOSS
Doctor Who Figurine Collection Special #1: Mega Dalek l EAGLEMOSS
Batman Arkham Knight: Batgirl Statue Paperweight l DC HEROES
Wonder Woman: Sword Letter Opener l DC HEROES
One-12 Collective: Frankenstein Color Action Figure l CLASSIC FILM AND TELEVISION
One-12 Collective: DC Heroes: Reverse Flash Action Figure l DC HEROES
POP! Preacher: Tulip Vinyl Figure l FUNKO
Metroid Prime: Samus Varia Suit 1/4-Scale Statue l VIDEO GAMES

Marvel: Female Thor Bishoujo Statue l KOTOBUKIYA
Final Fantasy XII Play Arts Kai: Gabranth Action Figure l FINAL FANTASY
Underworld: Viktor 1/6-Scale Action Figure l MOVIE/TV
Metroid Other M: Samus Aran Zero Suit Figma l NINTENDO
Suicide Squad: Harley Quinn MAF EX l SUICIDE SQUAD
Suicide Squad: The Joker MAF EX l SUICIDE SQUAD
Toy Story: Woody Robo Sheriff Star Combiner Chogokin l TOY STORY
Dragon Age Inquisition: Iron Bull Statue l VIDEO GAMES

Pixel: The Blues Brothers Figures l SD TOYS
Movie Icons: The Blues Brothers: Jake & Elwood 7-Inch Figure Set l SD TOYS
Knight Rider: KITT Car Charger l THINK GEEK GRAB BAG
Star Trek Sushi Set l THINK GEEK GRAB BAG
Marvel: Deadpool Deluxe Mask & Speech Bubble Box Set l DEADPOOL
Judge Dredd: Only Dredd Can Judge Me Coffee Mug l JUDGE DREDD
Marvel: Howard The Duck Molded Head Mug l MARVEL HEROES

Pathfinder ACG: Mummy’s Mask Base Set l PAIZO, INC
Magic the Gathering TCG: Kaladesh l WIZARDS OF THE COAST
Marvel Dice Masters: Deadpool l WIZKIDS/NECA
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Heroclix: Heroes In A Half Shell l WIZKIDS/NECA

Tuesday, July 19, 2016


Love him or hate him you have to admit that multi-billionaire, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is a 'unique' individual who speaks his mind and manages to stir up controversies and emotions wherever he goes.

Long time political cartoonist GB Trudeau, of Doonesbury fame, over the last 30 years, has given his fair share of Donald Trump pokes and prods.

Andrews McMeels Publishing presents a full-color collection of the Trudeau shoot ups and take downs.

Money, business, marriages, divorces, politics-you name it Donald Trump's life is ripe for the lampoon picking as Trudeau and his band of comic strip misfits take aim at Trump in a no-holds barred collection of jabs, pokes and hilarious insights at and too the real estate tycoon. 

Mirage, Tiger and Essex

Italeri takes to the air, land and sea with three new model kits geared for war.

As with all Italeri model kits they feature historically accurate details, easy-to-follow instructions and parts that detach easily from part trees with little or no flashing which fit snuggly together with no gaps or miss fits. 

First up from Italeri's World Of Warships Action Stations Online Naval Game series comes the USS Essex aircraft carrier that also includes an exclusive Smith American Destroyer Bonus Code.

Besides the easy-to-paint, glue (included) and decal 1/700 Scale model kit also includes a Ship's Guide of historical references with in-game tips, three Invite Codes and a full-color poster.

Fifteen part trees, ship's hull and five upper decks make up the aircraft carrier model kit.  

Complete deck and hull accessories (including artillery, towers, deck machinery and railings and aircraft complete the package.

It's a stunning model kit that when completed looks as if it burst off the model kits beautifully illustrated front panel.

From The World Of Tanks Roll Out Online Video Game comes the PZ.KPRW. V1 Tiger Tank model kit at 1/56 Scale.

This massive German WWII killing machine is one of four tanks available in the series.

Included with the model is a Tank Guide containing historical references and in-game tips, decals, liquid cement, three Invite Codes and Bonus Code and three Xbox Bonus Codes.

Over 1,300 Tiger Tanks were produced during the war.  The Tiger's treads were protected by an extended hull and sported a wide-ranged turret carrying its 8.8 cm Kw.K 36 L/56 gun.

Its heavy construction and impressive armor and fire power made it the scourge of the Allied Forces.

In celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the Gulf War the French Mirage fighter jet proved to be a formidable air and ground combat craft feared by enemy forces.

With its impressive fire power (that included missiles and more) the Mirage's triangular body and wing configuration made for a fast, maneuverable and deadly combination.

The single pilot fighter, while smaller than most attack aircraft, made up for its size by being one of the most versatile, deadly and capable aircraft during the conflict.

Full assembly, paint and decal instructions are included so you can decorate your model kit as one of three designations: 2000C, 2000EAD or 2000C Orange. 

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Batman Emblem and Superman S-Shield

The greatest superheroes of the DC Comics Universe (and perhaps the world) Batman and Superman, are represented by their trademark symbols courtesy of 3D Light FX.

Each symbol includes a wall sticker that when the 3D symbol is mounted over it (using screw anchors and screws) gives the appearance that the symbol have crashed through a wall or other flat surface.

Made of semi-translucent plastic material the symbols light up when turned on.

Their LED lights provide plenty of illumination and no heat making them safe to display in kids' rooms.  Batteries are not included.

While Superman's S-Shield is impressive with its sculptured 'S' against a yellow background and blue border I'm partial to the Batman Emblem.

A huge black bat silhouette stands out from a yellow oval background trimmed in black.

Either way the symbols look ultra-cool when you light them up, especially at night.

Just like when Batman and Superman team-up these new 3D Deco Lights are the 'World's Finest'.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition

It's the head-to-head confrontation every comic book fan has been waiting for.

DC Comics 'big two' Superman and Batman duke it out in a spectacular film that pits the Man of Steel against The Dark Knight.

Incorporating elements from some of the World's Finest fighting duo classic stories into a dazzling tour de force superhero slugfest that has it all.

The ultimate badguy, Wonder Woman, a sneak peek at the Justice League, a monstrous threat, spectacular special effects and a powerful storyline that will leave movie viewers gasping for air.

Watch for plenty of 'Easter Eggs' as the film showcases not only the Holy Trinity of DC Comics but offers hints as to what movie goers can expect to see from Warner Bros. and DC Comics in the near cinematic future.

Cast members deliver the goods as each character is carefully fleshed out and examined.
Watch with bated breath as Batman And Superman face off in an epic battle that pits man against a Kryptonian god with some dazzling Amazonian fighting prowess thrown in for good measure.

The special Blu-ray/DVD/Digital HD package includes 30 minutes of additional footage earning the film and 'R' rating.

Other extras include over two hours of featurettes and more!

So slip on your cape and cowl, rev-up your Batmobile, prime your heat vision, unsheathe your sword and polish your bracelets as you take part in the greatest superhero showdown of all time!

#88 and #48

Two of today's NASCAR superstars are represented with two super car SnapTite MAX model kits from Revell Models.

For those of you unfamiliar with SnapTite model kits they require no glue, no paint and no messy decal application.  Everything fits together in a snap. The chassis and parts are pre-painted and decals are peel-and stick stickers that apply easily to model surfaces.

SnapTite models are the perfect way to introduce novices to model making (especially young children).  In no time at all models are ready for display.

Parts detach easily from part trees with minimal or no flashing. Windshields and windows snap into place and rubber tires slip easily on wheels making for outstanding models.

Revell craftsmanship is numero uno when it comes to tight-fitting parts, attention to detail and ease of assembly. Easy-to-understand instructions make model making a breeze, regardless of skill level.

Two NASCAR high-performance cars from the SnapTite MAX series are sure to thrill racing fans.

The 2016 #48 Jimmie Johnson Lowe's Chevy SS and the 2016 #88 Dale Earnhardt Jr. Nationwide Chevy SS are beautiful model kits with all the bells and whistles.

Low to the ground, with low set grills and spoilers, both vehicles feature heavy-duty wheels and tires, low body profiles, full NASCAR safety equipment including driver nets and belts with minimal instrumentation and integrated lights and bumpers that complement each car's uni-body construction.

Exterior details are to die for, right down to the underbelly of each vehicle.  Regardless of your choice (Why choose? Get both!) each model delivers first-rate fun while building and make for great display pieces that are guaranteed to make any model-maker proud.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Stagnation and Setback

Someone very near and dear to me is going through a very difficult time.

Their life has hit a crisis point and despite their best efforts everything about their life has come to a standstill or worse yet-started to go backward.

Through unwise choices of their own setbacks are occurring one-after-another in rapid succession.

Is it because they are a bad person-no?  Are they unlovable?  Quite the opposite actually.  They are a very sweet and caring person who love people-perhaps too much.

Their problem is themselves.

Despite repeated advice to change, adapt and make decisions based on logic and well-thought out plans they refuse to give up certain destructive things in their lives,  have difficulty accepting modifications to career, housing, transportation and lifestyle and seem blind to their destructive habits.

What to do?  Very little in fact.

I talk to them, give advice, help some and encourage them.

But, I refuse to become a crutch or enabler.  I am also no ATM machine spitting out money.

Money would solve many of their problems, but after a short while it would be gone and nothing would be permanently altered unless they change their spending habits.

Personal relationships need to be redefined and in some cases severed-neither of which is pleasant, but sometimes necessary in order to grow and mature.

I can only pray for them and ask God to intercede in their life and give them a new purpose.  God will heel but only if they ask Him to and are willing to let him take charge of their life if they are truly saved.  If not, they need to be..

In the Bible it states that as Christians we are supposed to place all our burdens on him.  He is our refuge and Savior that understands our hurts and pains because He suffered them also.  He understands temptations, betrayals, setbacks and the many facets of life.

At first I fretted over said person until I realized that God says that we should not be anxious for anything.  

God is in control.  Events may not turn out the way we intend but in the long run they will turn out for the best if we trust Him.

I do.  Do you?

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The Star Trek Book

Leave it to DK Books to pull out all the stops when it comes to commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the original Star Trek TV series and its subsequent movies and the various TV series that followed.

Star Trek started out as a ground-breaking 1960s TV series that upset the status quo of broadcast TV series.  It would go on to spawn various movies, TV shows, video games, books and an entire pop culture phenomenon.

All over the world the names Spock, Kirk, Scotty, McCoy, Picard, Riker, Janeway and other TV series and movie stars associated with Star Trek are recognized.  Phasers, Transporters, Tricorders, Warp Drive and dozens of science fiction devices, ships and space phenomenon made popular in the movies and TV series have become catch phrases.

Join DK Books as it explores strange new worlds boldly explained.

As a huge Star Trek fan (I watched the original series when it was first broadcast) I am thrilled by the contents of this book.

Packed with full-color photos and art the book delves into the genesis of the series, the Star Trek history of planets, people, the Federation, aliens and their societies, the Prime Directive, the rebooting of the Star Trek Universe, alternate realities, Starfleet, time travel, the various Enterprise starships and man's first venture out to the distant stars.

Beginning with Zephram Cockrane's historical first Warp travel journey to the early Enterprise under the command of Jonathan Archer to Kirk's Enterprise and crew, Pike's ship, April's Enterprise, the Enterprises B & C, Picard's Enterprises D and E, Deep Space 9 and Voyager.

Along the way readers learn of the Romulans, Klingons, Q, the Borg and dozens of other alien life forms.

Each facet of the Star Trek Universe is lovingly chronicled with attention and detail given to key crew members and characters throughout the long run of Star Trek TV shows and movies.  

Allies, enemies, alien entities, space anomalies, weapons, ships, planets and so much more are carefully examined, explained and given their proper due.

Contributing authors, Paul Ruditis, Sandford Galden-Stone and Simon Hugo are to be commended on their outstanding work on this very important and pivotal literary work celebrating 50 years of the Star Trek phenomenon. 


Get ready for "An Ocean Full of Friends" with TPF Toys adorable Splashings.  They are so cute!

Wave One of these undersea cuties includes over 100 collectible figures and objects.

The 12 Pack Splashlings set includes an articulated mermaid, seven undersea critters, two oversize seashells and two secret Splashlings hidden in the shells.

Scheduled to be launched at Toys-R-Us and premiering at the New York International Toy Fair the Australian toymaker's Splashings will star in their own digital series.

Talk about making a 'splash'!

Each figure is lovingly sculpted for ultimate cuteness.  Expertly crafted, painted and detailed each Splashlings is sure to be a hit with kids three years and older.

Packaging for the Packs are hanger bubble packs with see-thru fronts and sides for easy viewing of the Splashlings.  Foil Packs up the excitement by not revealing what is inside making for collectible anticipation.

The 6 Pack includes a mermaid, three figures, a seashell and a hidden figure in the shell.
The Foil Pack Splashlings 2 Packs include two figures and a color checklist of all the collectible Splashlings.  Playsets are also available.

Kids are sure to love these lovable ocean residents and will enjoy hours of fun making up stories and adventures.

Turtles, Dory and Spider-Man

Talk about bringing back memories!

When I was a child one of my all-time favorite toys/past-times was breaking out my various Colorforms Playsets and spending hours setting up adventures.

I remember having Colorforms based on popular TV shows, superheroes and other pop culture favorites.

Colorforms was (and is) a wonderful toy that I used over and over again until I literally wore out the re-stickable stickers and dog-eared the background scenes.

In this age of computers and apps it's nice to see a toy that requires children to use their imaginations and physically create their own stories.

Colorforms has three new sets.  They include the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Big Wall Playset, the Create A Story Dory Playset and the On the Go Ultimate Spider-Man Playset.

All of three Playsets include exciting re-stickable stickers of characters and objects fashioned after their individual themes.  Stickers are easily applied and removed to be used over and over again to create exciting adventures children dream up on their own.

The re-stickalbe stickers are applied to colorful background scenes that challenge children to imagine different ways to position the stickers.

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Big Wall Playset includes a giant background measuring 2' by 3'.  Nine extra large Colorforms stickers are also included that stick like magic with no mess or marks.

The Create-a Story Dory Playset gives kids four backgrounds to choose from right out the Finding Dory movie!  Sixty Colorforms are included so kids can imagine, create and have fun for hours as they take Dory on various adventures with their friends.

The On The Go Ultimate Spider-Man foil-wrapped Playset with two backgrounds and 24 Colorforms lets kids play as they travel.

Whether at home alone, with friends or on the go Colorforms provides clean, safe and fun entertainment for hours which encourages children to use their imaginations, ingenuity and motor skills to create their own adventures.

"It's More Fun To Play The Colorforms Way!"