Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Batman Emblem and Superman S-Shield

The greatest superheroes of the DC Comics Universe (and perhaps the world) Batman and Superman, are represented by their trademark symbols courtesy of 3D Light FX.

Each symbol includes a wall sticker that when the 3D symbol is mounted over it (using screw anchors and screws) gives the appearance that the symbol have crashed through a wall or other flat surface.

Made of semi-translucent plastic material the symbols light up when turned on.

Their LED lights provide plenty of illumination and no heat making them safe to display in kids' rooms.  Batteries are not included.

While Superman's S-Shield is impressive with its sculptured 'S' against a yellow background and blue border I'm partial to the Batman Emblem.

A huge black bat silhouette stands out from a yellow oval background trimmed in black.

Either way the symbols look ultra-cool when you light them up, especially at night.

Just like when Batman and Superman team-up these new 3D Deco Lights are the 'World's Finest'.