Monday, July 11, 2016

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition

It's the head-to-head confrontation every comic book fan has been waiting for.

DC Comics 'big two' Superman and Batman duke it out in a spectacular film that pits the Man of Steel against The Dark Knight.

Incorporating elements from some of the World's Finest fighting duo classic stories into a dazzling tour de force superhero slugfest that has it all.

The ultimate badguy, Wonder Woman, a sneak peek at the Justice League, a monstrous threat, spectacular special effects and a powerful storyline that will leave movie viewers gasping for air.

Watch for plenty of 'Easter Eggs' as the film showcases not only the Holy Trinity of DC Comics but offers hints as to what movie goers can expect to see from Warner Bros. and DC Comics in the near cinematic future.

Cast members deliver the goods as each character is carefully fleshed out and examined.
Watch with bated breath as Batman And Superman face off in an epic battle that pits man against a Kryptonian god with some dazzling Amazonian fighting prowess thrown in for good measure.

The special Blu-ray/DVD/Digital HD package includes 30 minutes of additional footage earning the film and 'R' rating.

Other extras include over two hours of featurettes and more!

So slip on your cape and cowl, rev-up your Batmobile, prime your heat vision, unsheathe your sword and polish your bracelets as you take part in the greatest superhero showdown of all time!