Tuesday, July 5, 2016


Get ready for "An Ocean Full of Friends" with TPF Toys adorable Splashings.  They are so cute!

Wave One of these undersea cuties includes over 100 collectible figures and objects.

The 12 Pack Splashlings set includes an articulated mermaid, seven undersea critters, two oversize seashells and two secret Splashlings hidden in the shells.

Scheduled to be launched at Toys-R-Us and premiering at the New York International Toy Fair the Australian toymaker's Splashings will star in their own digital series.

Talk about making a 'splash'!

Each figure is lovingly sculpted for ultimate cuteness.  Expertly crafted, painted and detailed each Splashlings is sure to be a hit with kids three years and older.

Packaging for the Packs are hanger bubble packs with see-thru fronts and sides for easy viewing of the Splashlings.  Foil Packs up the excitement by not revealing what is inside making for collectible anticipation.

The 6 Pack includes a mermaid, three figures, a seashell and a hidden figure in the shell.
The Foil Pack Splashlings 2 Packs include two figures and a color checklist of all the collectible Splashlings.  Playsets are also available.

Kids are sure to love these lovable ocean residents and will enjoy hours of fun making up stories and adventures.